1. Garlic Bread / Mozzarella

£3.90 / 4.90
Homemade bread with a roasted garlic butter and parsley glaze
Add melted mozzarella di bufala

2. Garlic Cheddar Mushrooms

Steakhouse mushrooms baked in a garlic and mature English cheddar sauce

3. Asparagus Parcels

Oven baked English asparagus on a bed of buttered spinach topped with mozzarella and a balsamic glaze

4. Greek Salad

Fresh Greek salad with olives and feta cheese drizzled in extra virgin olive oil and balsamic glaze

5. BBQ Chicken Wings

Free range chicken wings baked with a sticky BBQ marinade, served with 'Heaven's Kitchen' slaw

6. BBQ Baby Pork Ribs

West Country pork belly ribs cooked in a sticky BBQ sauce, served with 'Heaven's Kitchen' slaw

7. Calamari

Beer battered, tender, fresh squid rings, deep fried and served with a tartar dipping sauce

8. Steak Byrek

A classic Mediterranean oven baked filo pastry roll filled with tender steak and spices served with a mixed leaf garnish and a sour cream & chive dipping sauce


1. Rump Steak 10oz

A rich, juicy cut from the loin which we recommend cooked Medium Rare

2. Sirloin Steak 8oz / 12oz

£20 / 25
Flavoursome, marbled cut from the loin, which we recommend cooked Medium Rare

3. Ribeye Steak

£20 / 25
Tender, flavousome and highly marbled cut from the ribs, which we recommend cooked Medium for maximum flavour

4. Fillet Steak 8oz

The most premium and tender cut, which will melt in your mouth. Best served Rare

5. Chateaubriand

£49 / 59
Tender, larger cut fillet of tenderloin to share, best served Medium Rare

6. Cote de Boeuf

£50 / 60
Lower rib of marbled beef with the bone removed. Delicate and delicious. We recommend this cooked Medium

7. Tomahawk

£60 / 70
Forerib of marbled beef on the bone. Flavoursome, delicate and a real spectacle. We recommend this cooked Medium for maximum flavour

8. Choice of Sauces

Choice of delicious homemade sauces, to compliment your steak
Roast Garlic & Parsley Butter,
Creamy Mushroom
Blue Cheese

9. Bistro Fillet of Rump

£22 / 44
A premium cut, from the heart of the rump. Juicy, tender and lean


1. Classic 8oz Steak Burger

Handmade burger, griddled to keep it moist and mourish. Joined by crisp lettuce, beef tomato, thinly sliced red onion and burger relish, all in a brioche bun. Chunky chips and 'Heaven's Kitchen' slaw

2. Chicken Burger

Succulent golden crusted chicken breast topped with crispy bacon and melted mature English cheddar and cranberry sauce in a brioche bun with chunky chips and 'Heaven's Kitchen' slaw

3. BBQ Chicken

Breaded free range chicken fillet ina smoky BBQ sauce, topped with bacon and melted mature English cheddar served with chunky chips and 'Heaven's Kitchen' slaw

4. Half / Full Rack of BBQ Ribs

£15 / 20
Slow-cooked, tender rack of ribs in a sticky BBQ glaze, served with chunky chips and 'Heaven's Kitchen' slaw

5. House Special Steak Stifado

Homemade, slow-cooked tradiotional Albanian beef stew, in a rich shallot, tomato and herb sauce served with linguine pasta and garlic bread

6. Lasagne

Homemade lasagne served with garlic bread

7. Tagliatelle Bolognese

Tagliatelle pasta with a slow-cooked Bolognese beef ragu, served with garlic bread 

8. Penne Arrabiata (V)

Penne pasta in a spicy Arrabiata sauce topped with fresh chilli, served with garlic bread

9. Chicken Carbonara

Linguine pasta with free-range chicken and pancetta in a creamy rich carbonara sauce, served with garlic bread


1. Chunky Chips

Crispy, chunky skin-on chips, cooked to perfectio

2. Heaven's Kitchen Slaw

Home-made Heaven's Kitchen secret recipe slaw

3. Side Salad


4. Greek Salad


5. Roast Mediterranean Vegetables


6. Corn-on-the-cob


7. Onion Rings


8. Garlic Mushrooms


9. Mac n' Cheese


10. Dirty Mac n' Cheese

Our original mac n' cheese but naughty - added BBQ pulled pork and shredded bacon


1. New York Cheesecake

Our take on the American classic. Rich vanilla cheesecake on a crispy ginger digestive base

2. Banoffee Pie

Traditional layers of biscuit base, caramel, banana's and whipped cream with dark chocolate flakes

3. Crème Brûlée

Rich vanilla custard base topped with a caramelised sugar disk

4. Chocolate Fudge Cake

Homemade chocolate sponge, topped with a rich cocoa and fudge sauce

5. Boozy Tiramisu

An Italian classic. Layers of ladyfingers dipped in coffee liqueur and a cocoa flavoured mascaponne mix


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