Our Heritage

Welcome to Heaven's Kitchen Steak House – Alton

Nestled in the charming market town of Alton, Hampshire, our second Heaven's Kitchen Steak House opened its doors in September 2021, marking a new chapter in our journey. Housed in a grade 2 listed building, this location retains its historical charm with original fireplaces and beams, offering a unique dining experience that contrasts yet complements our original location in Farnham.

Our Expansion

The Alton restaurant embodies our commitment to culinary excellence and innovation. Whilst it shares the rich Greek and Albanian heritage of our founding chef Mario, it introduces a new dimension to dining with its open kitchen. Guests can now enjoy the theatrical performance of steak and food being meticulously prepared, bridging the gap between chef and diner in a lively, interactive setting.


Overseeing the operations of all our restaurants is Russell White, our dedicated Operations Manager, whose extensive experience and leadership ensure the highest standards across our locations. At the Alton restaurant, we are fortunate to have Daniel Briskaj as our General Manager. Daniel's passion for hospitality and commitment to excellence play a crucial role in bringing the unique vision of Heaven's Kitchen to life in Alton, ensuring every guest experiences the exceptional service and culinary delight we are known for.

Our Mission

At Heaven's Kitchen in Alton, our mission remains unwavering: to provide exceptional food and service that not only delight but inspire. We believe in creating an atmosphere where dining transcends the ordinary, offering a journey of flavours that evoke and create lasting memories.

Our Heritage

Building on Mario’s dream, our Alton restaurant continues to celebrate the robust flavours and hearty dishes of the Mediterranean. Marrying traditional cooking methods with a dash of innovation, we have created a unique space where every meal is a celebration of culinary art. This commitment ensures that each visit to Heaven's Kitchen is not just a meal, but a memorable dining experience.

Our Offerings

Proudly maintaining our status as an award-winning steak house, our Alton location offers the same unrivalled tenderness and flavour in every steak cut. From the elegance of Sirloins to the grandeur of Tomahawks, each is a testament to our dedication to culinary excellence. The open kitchen adds a new layer to our offerings, allowing guests to witness the creation of their meals, from steaks to an array of Mediterranean delights and inclusive options for our vegetarian and vegan patrons.

Our Values

Our essence lies in delivering exceptional service and flavours, wrapped in a welcoming, familial, and intimate atmosphere. Heaven's Kitchen in Alton is a place where every guest is part of our family, guaranteed a dining experience that is as comforting as it is splendid.

Our Guests

We welcome steak enthusiasts and Mediterranean cuisine lovers alike, inviting everyone from Alton and beyond to explore a dining experience unlike any other. Our doors are open to all who seek culinary perfection and a warm, inviting atmosphere.

What Sets Us Apart

Heaven's Kitchen in Alton stands out not only for its exquisite food but for its soul. The integration of Mediterranean influence with the historic charm of Alton, coupled with our open kitchen, provides a unique blend of heritage, passion, and quality that elevates us beyond a mere steak house to a place that feels like home.

Join Us at Heaven's Kitchen – Alton

Step into our historic setting and be part of a culinary journey that continues to enchant and delight. Welcome to Heaven's Kitchen Steak House in Alton – where history meets culinary artistry in the heart of Hampshire.

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